Choosing Designer Furniture Over ReadyMade Furniture


If the house is the basic body, furniture is the dress that adorns it. It is an integral part of the home decor and can make or break a space. Once designed to be formal and merely functional, furniture has now evolved into that space where the individual pieces are themselves considered statements among the household.

Furniture is generally a reflection of the people in the house and they must reflect a blend of functionality and design to have an aesthetic appeal on the visitors. Furniture is usually the first thing people notice in any space after its bare size. Gone are the days when a room could be filled with various mismatched pieces. Furniture has now become a special part of the décor and that is why everyone is opting for custom furniture makers for interior fit-out.

The cost argument

For long, there has been a misconception that furniture that is custom designed is costlier than ready made furniture that is available in stores. But repeated research and comparison of the cumulative costs of having furniture that is readily made and trying to find mixing and matching pieces, or designing furniture based on need has shown that custom made furniture can end up cheaper because it is designed for need, not for fitting.

Having a say in the design and features

Furniture is usually a huge investment, and most are built to last. Most interior design companies prefer custom furniture makers because the focus is on the quality rather than the opulence of size. Choosing custom furniture means having a say in how it is designed and how many features need to be in it.

Quality and attention to detail

Mainly because custom furniture makers usually bring out the best quality materials to reflect the status of their company, the end product is also good. Dedicated workmen and artisans work with a focus on designing each individual piece. This means more attention is paid to the details and the furniture designed is intricate and beautiful.

Adding additional features

With custom made furniture, the number of features is not limited. They can be added as per requirement and a single piece of furniture can have multiple functionalities built into them, making them double up into other pieces. This technique is both cost effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Designed for available space

Especially meant for those who have just bought their own space and are moving into it, custom furniture makers can be designed as per the available space in the house. A particular corner of the house can be graced with a specially designed settee that would both fill the space and still have a good effect on the room overall. When there is a clear idea about the available spaces in the house, the corresponding furniture can then be designed accordingly.

Variety in material and techniques

In comparison to the bland and modernised furniture available in the mass market, custom made furniture offers variety in the materials used and in the designs done. Each piece of furniture can be designed using different techniques and therefore it offers a huge variety in terms of material and design.

Cerruti Contracts is a company that specialises in Italian contemporary furniture

About the Company

Cerruti Contract are specialized in contract furniture, and till today we realize big complexity interiors all over the world, we carry this hand-craft soul made of high quality materials, attention to the detail, tradition and testing, perfectionism and tenacity, everywhere.

The stylists are Ferré, Verri, Versace. We are attracted by change and we pass from high level hand-craft to the interpretation of trends and lifestyles. For ten years, we work almost exclusively for Gianni Versace. For everybody a legendary brand, for Il Piccolo a school and a testing workshop. Giving concreteness to Versace’s dreams means to try new and precious materials: boiserie, gold, brass, crystals, inlays.

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